Let’s give TickTick a warm welcome

It’s a rainy Thursday yesterday, and no special at all to most of you. But for us, it is so extraordinary because finally, TickTick.com has been officially launched after months of hard work.

What is TickTick

TickTick is a simple and effective task manager with seamless cloud synchronization across of your devices, including iOS (iPhone), Android, Web and Chrome extension. TickTick for web (TickTick.com) is the first move and others will be available soon in the coming month.

Why TicKTick 

Staying focused is always tough with messages, phone calls and emails distracting you and as a result, more and more people depend on to-do list app to manage tasks. TickTick, with the aim of helping you to boost productivity and get life organized in an easy way is more than just a to-do app. With TickTick at hand, you can always do the best part of the day.

How TickTick works

  • Birthday, anniversary, school parent-child day, with TickTick’s instant reminder, you will never miss a sweet moment of your life

  • Monthly bill, weekly yoga class, daily pet feeding, with TickTick’s recurring feature, you will never mess up your schedule

  • Plan a family summer trip, create a shopping list, pack luggage, with TickTick’s sub-tasks & notes, you can manage trifles in an elegant way

  • Work on a team project, brainstorm for a scheme, with TickTick’s list share & priority management, you can always keep track of the progress and focus on real things

TickTick is so easy-to-use that everyone can get started within a few minutes without any tutorial. Now, it’s your time to experience the amazing tour at TickTick.com