TickTick 2.0 is Now Here


Today, we are so excited to introduce you to TickTick 2.0, a completely renewed version for both Android and iOS. With calendar view, multiple reminders, list folder, voice input, Siri integration, and over 50 other improvements, TickTick 2.0 is our most extensive and powerful update ever. 

Calendar View

When you first get TickTick 2.0 in your hands, you will find a new smart list named“Calendar”, which is a brand new feature in this version. Imagine you are informed of a party next week, and you start thinking about whether you have things to do during those days. With TickTick, things could be easier. Just enter Calendar View and find out tasks for next week with a simple click. Then you can manage related tasks and create a new todo “Party” directly.

Calendar View used to be a premium feature in TickTick web app. With more and more positive feedbacks about this feature, we finally decided to make it available for free on mobile. So what are some exciting ways you can utilize this new feature in TickTick 2.0? And what’s the difference between web and mobile in Calendar View?

In Calendar View, drag-and-drop is an effective way to change task’s due date on both web and mobile. But the position of tasks on mobile is different from that on web. As mobile devices have very limited space, tasks are not displayed on date. Instead we use dots to indicate tasks on different dates. If you tap a date, tasks for that date will be displayed immediately. Moreover, swiping & sorting tasks are also available in Calendar View to edit tasks. With Calendar View, task management can be operated smoothly and efficiently.


Multiple Reminders

“Multiple Reminders” is a recent updated feature, which allows you to set at most 5 reminders for one task. With this feature, you will not miss the deadline of important things any more.

Let’s say your friend Emily’s birthday is on July 13. You create a todo “Happy Birthday to Emily” on that day, but you also want to be reminded a week before to buy a gift. In the past, you had to create two tasks with two different due dates in TickTick. However, with multiple reminders, you can create a todo “

Happy Birthday to Emily

” on July 13, and add a reminder “1 week before” to remember to buy a gift.  

Another update is flexible options for reminder time. In the previous versions, your are offered several fixed options like “one day before”, “one hour before”, etc. Now you are allowed to set reminders at any time such as 43 minutes before, 5 days before, or 2 weeks before, etc.


List Folder

When you came to TickTick for the first time, you were given two lists named “Work” & “Family” to separately organize your various kinds of tasks. As time goes by, you keep on adding more lists like “Books to read”, “Movies to watch”, etc. And then, you have to scroll down the screen to check the list at the bottom. Really annoying.

With folders, you can group a bunch of related lists and keep them separated from others. For example, you can put your “Grocery” and “Household Repair” lists into a “Family” folder. You can also collapse this folder to avoid scanning them while you’re looking at some other lists for work. So List Folders can organize your list of todo items in a more effective way.


Create Task via Voice Input & Siri

In TickTick 2.0, you can press and hold Add button to start speaking to TickTick, e.g. “Have lunch with Jack tomorrow at 13”. Then TickTick can recognize date and time and transfer them to due date and reminder time. Amazing?


Siri integration is a new feature in TickTick 2.0 on iOS devices. When it’s enabled in TickTick, you can ask Siri to remind you of things at a certain time. Variation on this could be “Remind me at 8 PM to set Game of Thrones recording”. Then surprisingly you can find tasks you just created with Siri are move to TickTick’s Inbox.

So what’s next?

We are incredibly excited about TickTick 2.0. Not just because of the new brand features and lots of improvements, we’re excited because TickTick 2.0 is a new start for TickTick. A new start that enable us to build more remarkable new features for users. Over the next few months, we will focus on collaboration and UI, so keep an eye for more news shortly. At last, we want to thank all the millions of you, because we couldn’t have TickTick 2.0 without your continued support and love!