TickTick 2.0 for Web: Less Can be More


Please join us in welcoming a new look of TickTick 2.0 for web! In this version, you will find every individual element of the new design is all about helping you keep  more focused and productive. From the layout to theme, multiple themes, icon, add bar etc, all  make TickTick better at helping you get things done.


1. Settings Page

      Do you know where to choose the theme you like, enable Smart Search, where to import data from other apps, and where to generate Backup? Suppose you need to enable TAGS and change your password, how should you do on web? No worries, these features are in one place now! In web 2.0, in order to simplify the process, we integrate Labs, More, and Get App into Settings.

      Setting page is now divided into two parts: general options and specific settings which give you a clear, simple and intuitive view of all functions.


 2. Choice of multiple themes

       Maybe before you are tired of always seeing single color. Don’t worry. In  web 2.0, you can freely change within bright blue and black. What should you do to change the theme? Very easy!

      Click the avatar in the upper left corner of page;

      Choose “settings”;

      Choose the theme you want to set in color selector.


3. Tag Lists

     Tag is one of the most frequently using features in TickTick, which was displayed below self-defined lists. Before, you always need to scroll down the left panel to select tag lists. In web 2.0, this problem is perfectly optimized, and now you can switch from lists to tags with just a simple click! 


4. Add Bar

     When adding tasks, you need to select lists, priorities, and due dates in three different places. Not convenient? In web 2.0, these three settings are all beside the Add Bar.


5. What is Activities?

     In the previous version, Pro users can enable Revision History which includes time and task details to check all changes. However, in the shared lists, Revision History is not enough. So we upgrade Revision History and here comes to our brand new feature: Task Activities, where any changes are clear. For example, Tom assigned “shopping” to Flora on Oct.28th, at 14:00.



The new-look TickTick for Web is the beginning, and new interface will be coming to android and iOS in the future. Please be sure to follow us on Twitter or Facebook to stay in the loop 🙂