TickTick 3.2 is coming

Today we’re excited to introduce TickTick 3.2 to you. With this version, you’ll enjoy fabulous season themes, check current tasks in 3 Day calendar view with intuitive timeline. 


3 Day Calendar View (Pro)

What’s next? How long does this event last? What are my schedules tomorrow?

Maybe when you’re thinking about above questions, you’ll check several lists like Today, Tomorrow etc. With 3 Day calendar view available now, you’ll effortlessly see your schedules for current 3 days and the arranged time with timeline. Wanna see previous/next 3 days? Just slide the screen to left/ right.  What’s more, you can directly add tasks by + button or long tapping the time section.

There are List view, Month view and 3 Day view in calendar now. In Month view, you can take a overview for your monthly plans while in 3 Day view you clearly see what needs to be done next and adjust your plans according to timeline.


Autumn and Winter theme (Pro)

Autumn & Winter themes are here for Pro users. We think every season is a unique picture created by nature and it’s season changing that make us appreciate diverse, beautiful  scenery. So, it’s time to bring these pictures to you right now~