Hi there! Welcome to TickTick.

Here’s a few quick tutorials to walk you through some of the basic features and to help you adapt easily from Wunderlist.

To create a task

Ready for your very first to-do with TickTick?

Tap on the input box below → Tap to-dos in → Tap save icon to finish

Tips: we also support to add tasks via voice input.

To set a Due Date and Reminder

TickTick will remember all the tasks for you and provide instant reminders.

Tap on a task to see the detail view → Tap Due Date → Select a time → Set a reminder if necessary → Tap Done to finish

If you’re used to have your due date and reminder set on separate dates, simply tap “Reminder” icon and to select a reminder on custom date.

Tips: smart date parsing will catch time info from the task you add, and set a due date automatically.

To complete a To-Do

Alarm goes off!


How to accomplish more in less time?

Classify your tasks with lists, folders and tags.

Break big tasks into small sub-tasks

Unlike Wunderlist, we support to view your task details at “text” mode or at “checklist” mode. Tap on the three dots at the top right corner and select your preference.

Tips: If you’re used to work with both “notes” and “sub-task” at Wunderlist, you may consider to upgrade to our premium accounts and enjoy this feature at TickTick as well.

Prioritize your tasks and focus on what matters the most.

We don’t support to ★ your tasks like Wunderlist, but we have something that’s even cooler. At TickTick, you can prioritize your tasks with different levels (“High”, ”Medium”, ”Low”)

Tips: Sort your items by priority, and find your important tasks in mere second.


You are all set to go! Enjoy a much more organized life from now on and accomplish more with TickTick.

If you have more questions in the future, feel free to reach out anytime for help. Our team is always around.