A New Habit Feature - “Goal” is now available in TickTick 5.2.0.

Developing a good habit requires not only enthusiasm, willpower and persistence, sometimes a scientific method matters more.

Based on the SMART principles, setting a clear target for your habits will accelerate habit development.

Note: SMART refers to Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-based. Following the SMART principles will help you achieve goals and develop habits.

In this update, we added a “Goal" setting for the habit feature. You can now set up goals for each habit and select between the two options - "Achieve it all” & “Reach a certain amount” for your goals. The habits you used to check once a day can now be set with several goals per day. Each goal puts you one step closer to developing a habit. 

Add habits and Set your goals

When trying to develop a habit, having some goals could be very helpful. It’s like what you do with a parent task and its sub-tasks. Use some goals to break your big habit into small actions.

When adding a new habit, you can either go with the old way, in which select “Achieve it all” under the Goal setting. Or, you can select “Reach a certain amount” option and set up particular goals for each habit.


Three Check-in ways

In order to help you record each goal more conveniently, TickTick offers three different modes: “Auto”, “Manual”, “Complete all”. Pick one mode and fill out the other boxes so that goals can be measured.


When to use the “Auto” Mode:

For example, drinking water. Let TickTick automatically record a certain amount of water for you.


If you drink more than you expected or you just missed the pervious goal. Simply swipe the habit to the left and click “+” to record more.


When to use the “Manual” Mode:

For example, reading books. TickTick will remind you when it’s time to accomplish a goal. You will then manually record your progress.


When to use the “Complete all” Mode:

For example, run 5k. It works pretty much in the same way as when you select “Achieve it all” under the Goal setting. There will be no phased small actions/goals.


You can easily make a record for your goals when the reminder pops up, no matter what mode you set. 


Habit Statistics

Simply tap on a habit and enter its statistics. Everything you need to know and to track is right there. You’re what you repeatedly do. It’s not an act, but a habit!


Update now and have a go-al. 🙂