TickTick Premium 101: Stay More Organized and Productive

You may have already been a TickTick premium user for a while, or you are just new to TickTick, wondering what you can achieve with a pro account. To help you make better-informed decisions on whether TickTick is worth trying, this article will walk you through all the premium features in TickTick, with a clear comparison with the free plan!

Section 1: Unlock more advanced features

Full Calendar functionality

  • Access more Calendar views. 

In TickTick Calendar, there are five view options: List, Month, Day, 3-Day, Week. This means you can check all your tasks, events, and habits with different timelines in your TickTick Calendar. Free users only have the access to the list view, while premium can enjoy them all!

With access to different Calendar views, what you can get is not only a clear visualization of your workflow and to-dos in life, but it also allows you to time block your tasks. TickTick offers an “Arrange Tasks” feature within these Calendar views. Simply via drag n’ drop, any tasks can be quickly arranged into any time chunks.

* Please note that List View and 3-Day View in Calendar are mobile-only.

  • Set both start and end dates to tasks. 

Premium users can set a duration (both start and end time) to a task, while a free account only has access to the due date. This becomes handy especially when it comes to day scheduling and time blocking.

  • Subscribe to third-party calendars.

TickTick made importing from local calendars an access-to-all option. But we understand your need of synchronizing events from other calendar tools you've been using as well, such as Google Calendar or Outlook. Pro accounts can enjoy more freedom of subscribing to third-party calendars.

  • Set up your Calendar widgets.

Calendar widgets are another advantage that premium users can have. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just check schedules from your home screen?

P.S. Calendar widgets for iOS14 are coming soon!

Advanced List & Task features

  • Customize Smart Lists

The "Custom Smart List" feature will allow you to be as flexible as you need with all the Lists! 100% tailored to your own needs, you can create Smart Lists with multiple filters. For example, if you’d like to see only the high-priority tasks at work, then a Smart List could be created with the filters “Tasks from work list” + “High priority”. Easy peasy!

  • Check List Activities (desktop-only)

On desktop versions, premium users can check List Activities, to stay tuned with any changes made in the list. This includes when and who made the changes to tasks in the list, as well as what changes to which tasks. This is quite helpful especially when you’re collaborating with others on a shared list, since you’ll be able to check the status anytime and would not miss anything important in collaboration. 

  • Check Task Activities 

Similarly, when tapping into a task detail page, you’ll also be able to check the Task Activities, regarding the details (when/how/who) the task has been dealt with.

  • Set reminders to Check Item

Another useful feature is regarding the Check Items in tasks. A pro user can not only let TickTick remind you of incoming tasks but can also set reminders to the Check Items within the tasks!

* Please note that Check Item is different from the Subtask. Learn more HERE.

Smoother Focus experience 

  • Set Estimation to tasks

If you’re used to using Focus in TickTick, you may have seen the “Estimation” feature. After starting Focus, there’s an Estimation option, within which premium users can set either an estimated Pomo number or an estimated duration that they would spend on the task. This helps a lot if you’d like to reflect on and compare the estimated hours and actual time spending on certain tasks.

  • Premium White Noises

There are also more White Noises for premium users to use within the Focus, such as Chirp and Biscuit. Try and let it better help you stay focused 😉

  • Check Weekly Focus Statistics

All users can access Focus statistics, but if you’d like more in-depth data, you can check changes of Weekly Focus Statistics in your Focus history, with a pro account.

Section 2: Enjoy fewer limitations

List count299 9
Task count999 99
Reminder count5 (per task)2 (per task)
Check Item count19919
Habit count2995
Members of a shared list 30 (including the owner)2 (including the owner)
Uploaded attachment99 (per day)1 (per day)
Plan Your Day Unlimited2 (per week)

Section 3: Have more theme options

With TickTick Premium, you can also enjoy more flexibility when choosing a theme and icon to decorate your TickTick!

Time to get on board!