TickTick Calendar Quickstart: 4 Steps to Complete Time Blocking

Long extending itself beyond a simple to-do app, TickTick offers an all-in-one productivity solution packed with features like to-do lists, Pomo, Habit, Kanban, Note, and more importantly, TickTick Calendar! It is not very common for a to-do app to have one, but it is always useful if it does! TickTick is such an app that combines your to-do lists with a built-in calendar in a single place, empowering you to get more out of your time and manage your tasks well.

Planning helps in actual doing. With TickTick Calendar, you can always plan out your day and time block your tasks in advance (Learn more on Time Blocking). This allows you to be more conscious of how you’ll spend your time and get more concentrated on what’s important in your schedule. One can thus be more productive and organized in life.

Before we dive into Calendar specifically, creating a to-do list is the first step. Write down tasks you need to do, no matter if it is related to your work responsibilities, social events, business meetings, or day-to-day activities. All tasks, if created with a specific date, will automatically be integrated and appear on your TickTick Calendar. Then let’s explore what you can do with Calendar in TickTick. (Prefer to see it in a video tutorial? Click HERE.)

Check schedules with flexible Views

There are altogether 5 Views in TickTick Calendar, which can tailor to your needs from different aspects: List View (mobile-only), Day View, 3-Day View (mobile-only), Weekly View, and Monthly View. It’s simple to check all things on your agenda from different timelines and platforms, to always stay tuned with what’s coming next. 

What makes it even more convenient is the all-new Calendar Widgets! Without the need of opening the app, simply see what’s up next from your Home Screen. Never miss a thing with all at hand.

Apart from that, you can also customize the views on Calendar to your own needs. Within the “...” menu, you’ll find the “View options”. Going into, you can decide whether to show completed tasks, check items, or future cycles of a recurring task. You can also decide how your tasks are color-coded. The system-default way of color-coding is based on “List Color”, but you can also change that to be based on “Tag Color”, or “Priority Color”. What’s more straightforward and eye-catching than viewing all your high-priority tasks coded with the bright red on Calendar? 

Customize the Timeline to show 

24-hour a day is the same, but the start of the day may not be the same for everyone. Customizing to your own needs, you can adjust the timeline on your calendar and choose to hide certain time slots. By system default, the hidden time frames are 0-7:00 and 21-24:00. If clicking on the hidden slots, you can simply drag it to adjust the time frame you wish to hide. This way, you can have more flexible choices, i.e. only showing schedules in working hours from 10-6.

Time block your tasks

  • Arrange tasks

Time blocking is a time management method, which means cutting your day into different chunks and putting different tasks into these chunks. This can help us be more organized with a time-boxed schedule and can also help beat procrastination.

To help you do that, TickTick offers a way that well integrates your to-do lists and Calendar. That feature is called “Arrange tasks”. By clicking “...” on the top right corner of your Calendar, you'll be able to see it. This allows you to see all your undated tasks sorted by List, Tag, or Priority. For example, some random thoughts that you’ve thrown to the Inbox that remain unplanned will appear on the right side, when you sort by List. To quickly arrange them, what you need to do is simply dragging and dropping them into any time slot.

  • Add a new task 

It is also intuitive to add a new task directly on Calendar. Click on any empty time box, and you’re free to add a new task from there. On the Weekly or Monthly Calendar, you can also multi-select different dates to add a long-duration task

  • Reschedule a task

To adjust the time scheduled for a task on your Calendar, you can choose to

a) drag n’ pull the time frame to adjust the task duration (30-min at minimum);

b) drag n’ drop the task to another time slot for quick rescheduling.

Subscribe to third-party calendars

Not only can you enjoy the great combination of your to-do lists and Calendar in TickTick, but outside resources can also be imported as well for overall arrangement. TickTick works perfectly with other calendars such as Google Calendar, iCloud, Outlook, and more. Once subscribed successfully, events from these calendars will automatically display in your TickTick Calendar. Any changes you made to these events can also be synced in TickTick. 

Wrap up

Visualizing schedules, customizing Calendar views, timeboxing tasks, staying in control of your time, and organizing everything in one place, TickTick Calendar makes it all happen!

P.S. Click HERE to see the Calendar tutorial video.

P.P.S Calendar features will be improved soon!

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