Get your finger ready to swipe tasks!

TickTick’s Android weekly release will never let you down. In this week’s version, we provided two features, which will further enable you to action quickly & easily to realize productivity enhancement. 

First: Get your finger ready to swipe tasks! You can slide right or left to choose different menus for quick actions. 

It’s not difficult at all. We have designated four different colors for frequently used actions: complete & archive a task, set priority, set due date and move to list. For example, swipe a task to the right until the red menu appears, then, you can set priority directly. 

Of course, the easiest way to understand this feature is try. Try now by yourself. 


Second, set default value for new task. With this default setting enabled, you don’t have to click again & again to set values such as due date & priority. Your every newly added task will be given the default values automatically. 

Slide to the right from the margin to enter list page and click ‘gear’ icon to enter Settings>New Task Defaults. For example, you can choose Today as default due date, set priority as 'High’ and get reminded 5 mins earlier than real reminder time.