Think ahead, plan ahead

December is always considered as the least productive month of  the year because of the freezing weather and holiday commitments. But December, undoubtedly, is a very important month because you have a lot to accomplish in order to mark a happy ending. 

TickTick  suggests: think ahead, plan ahead. 

1. Make use of calendar view

Always look at the whole month instead of a specific day or week. Mark out working days and holidays to have an overall outline in mind. Send out important meeting invitations earlier than scheduled so that others can arrange their time as well. Try to avoid scheduling around Dec 20 because the closer you get to Christmas, the less likely you can reach people involved in your project. Many may be absent-minded if they are not completely absent from work. 

2. Allocate your time 

You’ve scheduled to finish your yearly report the day after tomorrow but you received a party invitation for that day unexpectedly. Clearly, you can’t miss the deadline of handing in the report but you really want to attend the party because someone you admired for long will also show up in the party. Then, planning ahead is the only way out. You have to review your tomorrow’s tasks to see whether there is any can be postponed to some other day and whether there is any item can be done with less time spent. You even have to cut down some to-do to ensure enough time for dress & gift preparation.  

3. Decide on your priorities 

‘I am too busy’ is the excuse being used most frequently for some people who don’t get things done. But chances are that you spent the whole evening answering emails while none of them is a matter of life or death but you missed your daughter’s debut in school. Worth or not? It’s not easy to say because everyone has his own judgement. The point is that you’d better set a priority level for each of your task item. Confirm your booking for Christmas trip before departure is urgent; Share packing list with your family members is important but not urgent. Always review the priorities so that you can better allocate your time.