TickTick Android 1.2.2

Just as usual, TickTick Android’s weekly release is ready here. Again, there is no big feature in this version but only two slight changes in response to user feedback. But we do wish that every small change would make you excited. We are proud to say that we are always working hard.

Do you still remember the fantastic ‘swipe’ feature in the previous version?

1. Swipe to the left when the yellow menu appear, you can quick set a due date for the chosen task item. We optimized this pop-up page so that you can set due date or reminder time more quickly.


 2. The 'swipe’ action is not limited in the task list page anymore. Now, when opening a task item, you can also swipe to the right to exit the current page without clicking on the bullets icon on top left corner. 


Now, take one minute to try this out. The more you get used to TickTick, the more efficient you will be with your work & life.