Making Full Use of TickTick within Free Account Task Limits

Recently, some users complained that the free account task limits is really a pain in the neck for them. As we noted in our guide, those limits are:

(1) Number of task lists: 19 (excluding ‘All’ & ‘Today’ Lists)

(2) Number of tasks of each list: 99 (excluding archived tasks)

(3) Number of checklist items: 19

(4) Number of recipient for shared list: 1

We strongly recommend Pro account subscription of course, for $1.99/Month & $19.99/Year will enable you to enjoy:

(1) Number of task lists: 299 (excluding ‘All’ & ‘Today’ Lists)

(2) Number of tasks of each list: 999(excluding archived tasks)

(3) Number of checklist items: 299

(2) Share list up to 19 members

(3) Plan agenda in Calendar

(4) Check revision history of every task

(5) Always be the first to experience now feature

But for those who just enjoy free version, we got some tips for you here:

First, since 99 items can be added to 19 different lists, there are actually around two thounsands items (excluding items under ‘All’ & ‘Today’ Lists and archived tasks) available on your TickTick in total. Just don’t set all your tasks under the same list, like the ‘inbox’.


Second, if you’ve reached the upper limit but do not want to upgrade at the moment, you can delete or archive your tasks so they won’t be counted and the lists will look clearer and more organized.


 Hope the above tips will work for you!