Check out latest feature optimization

If you ask what is the best selling point of TickTick, I would vote for ‘considerate details’ without hesitation. There are so many to-do list apps in market and it is extremely difficult to stand out with features because all core features are essential for a to-do app. Today, I will introduce some tiny but attractive features you may even not aware of. 

1. Calendar View: this feature now is available for Pro only. Enable it in 'Labs’ first and you will see a page like this. 


You can choose a day to add a new task, mark a task done and uncheck a completed one all in one place. What’s more, this calendar view allows you to have an overview of your schedule with just one glance. 

2. Repeat on the last day of month: task will never skip a month no matter how many days that month has. To make it clear, I have a monthly task 'pay phone bill’ to be repeated on last day of month. For last month, it reminded me on 31st, Oct and it will pop up reminder on 30th, Nov and later on 31st, Dec. 


3. Undone widget count: TickTick desktop widget is warmly welcomed by users as it is a shortcut to manage tasks without entering the app. Undone widget count tells you how many undone tasks you have. Previously, it shows 9+ instead if you have more than 9 undone tasks. Now, it can exactly display the real number of your undone tasks maximum to 99. 

In addition, we have removed the upper limit of 99 tasks in “All” and “Inbox” for free users in order to let you make full use of TickTick. 

We believe that every single change may result in efficiency improvement when using TickTick. And we will keep improving detail enhancement to smooth your experience with TickTick.