Introducing TickTick 3.0, an Awesome Update

Last year, we brought material design into TickTick to give you a whole new visual experience. Our users continued to love the features we implemented later like Smart Date Parsing, Plan, Custom Swipes, Merge Tasks, and more.

Today we’re so thrilled to introduce an even more awesome update, TickTick 3.0. In 3.0, we’ve endeavored to strike a balance to provide a clear overview for future tasks in a more intuitive way while making it possible for you to concentrate on what currently matters for you.


Here’s what’s new:

Grid View of Calendar (Pro)

Calendar is the most favored feature among our users, and our new grid view  will provide a clear overview for your whole monthly plan at a glance. You can easily view all tasks or click a certain date to focus on schedules on that day. Freely switching between list view and grid view is also simply accessible from option menu.


Custom Smart List (Pro)

With the fabulous feature: Custom Smart List added in TickTick, you’ll fully make Smart List to show in your own way.

There are 5 filter criteria provided: List, Tag, Date, Priority, Assignee. These Filters are flexible enough to help you generate your own Smart List.

Imagine that you need to focus on only important and urgent schedules, just choose “High priority” and “Today”, “Tomorrow” in Filters to create a custom smart list: Important & urgent.


Task Progress

If you are at a loss about how close you are to finally complete a whole task which contains a mess of sub-tasks, task progress would be undoubtedly helpful. Drag the date section in task detail page to effortlessly record the task progress.


More improvements:

  • Focus on current tasks by “show recent tasks” (iOS). “Recent” time range could be defined as 1 month,  2 months etc. based on your preference.
  • Inactive tags will be automatically hidden in side bar.
  • The maximum capacity for each attachment is up to 10 M now. Feel free to add photos, documents and more for task details.
  • Smart List “Tomorrow” is added.
  • Want to see only non-repeating tasks in calendar? Just uncheck “Show All Repeat Cycles”.

All features and improvements are to bring you a faster, smarter and more polished TickTick to help you keep more productive. Update to TickTick 3.0 and feel free to let us know what you think about this update.

Update now: