Show Your Appreciation to Your Father and Get TickTick Pro

He never complains; he never gets tired; he is never afraid. He never says he loves me, but I could feel the power of love whether I’m blue or happy.

Even on Father’s day, if you ask him: “Dad, what gifts do you want on Father’s day?”

You’ll still get the same boring answer: “You don’t need to buy me anything.” Then, are you going to spend Father’s  day as it is? Absolutely Not!

Here are some gifts TickTick picks up for you.


A Hearty Breakfast

“The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”, and father is not an exception.

Let father begin a sweet day with a hearty breakfast. Whether it’s sandwich, pizza, or oatmeal, it has to be made by yourself.

Kindle Paperwhite

We’re always so busy with work, social activities and other stuff  that we can’t even spare some time to be with father. In this case, reading is a great choice to make him feel less lonely and more fulfilled.

Amazon’s most popular e-reader, the Kindle Paperwhite, with improved display and  Bookerly font, readers will fully enjoy reading. If you are considerate enough, pick up some books which caters for his personality to get started effortlessly.

All-purpose  Sneakers

Choose a pair of wearable,comfortable,  breathable sneakers for your father.

He can not only wear them at home, but also enjoy the comfort when doing  exercise, jogging, hiking etc.

TickTick Pro

I never admit he is getting old, but time never lies. He is getting less strong and more forgetful. Meanwhile, he still needs to remember to see doctor, take medicine, and other chores.

TickTick, an easy to use, well-designed  to-do list is here to help. You can note down everything and get reminded at the right time. What’s great about TickTick is its calendar feature, which allows you to view your tasks in weekly or monthly calendar, directly reschedule a task by dragging it to another date. Tasks and notes can be accessed on web and your mobile device.

Here is a chance to get TickTick Pro on Father’s Day.

TickTick Father’s Day Activity

Write down what you want to say to your father in Ticktick on this special day. Post the image in your Facebook and @TickTickApp. Ten lucky winners will be chosen according to the contents you shared.

Steps to generate the image in TickTick:

Write down the contents you want to say to your father in a task;

Tap the option menu in the right hand corner and choose “send”;

Choose “Send as image”;

Then post this image to your Facebook and @TickTickApp. Of course, you can also @your father and others.  Take the following image as an example:


Winners list will be published on June 21. Please pay attention to TickTick Facebook posts.