How to Enjoy Your Business Trip with TickTick

Business trip is usually a great opportunity for us to enrich experience and broaden horizons. However, it could be so frustrating in situations like forgetting to bring important files, missing flights, and even the lack of daily necessities may hit you pretty hard.  

Your mind should be less stressful for more creative thinking and work rather than remembering these stuff. Why don’t  try to simplify the process and preparation for business trip by a to-do Put all stuff you need to bring to a packing list, set reminders for important schedules, you’ll never worry about forgetting anything.


Make a packing list

Leaving for business trip means that many necessities you’ve been accustomed to are not accessible at hand. Maybe you didn’t realize to carry a charger until you take out the phone to make a call but find it’s powered off.  If only I remembered to bring… Well, stop regretting and complaining,  the preparation will be much easier if you have a packing list before trip.


This packing list applies to most of us, but we need to add some stuff for different situations. You’d better start your packing list in advance, and add items that occurs to your mind gradually to make your list complete.

Check to-do before leaving 

  • Learn about weather and traffic condition.
  • Set “out of office” auto reply in Email.
  • Store valuables in safe places.
  • Close doors, windows.
  • Take out of trash.
  • Power down all electronic devices.

Set reminders for important schedules 

What documents and materials you’ll need in the meeting?  When will the negotiation start? Set several reminders based on the time you’ll spend on preparing and the distance from where you live to the destination. Make memos about files you need to prepare. For “Hotel reservation”, add hotel name, opening time, address, contact for details.


Have fun

Since we did a great job at making use of apps to keep efficient, we worth to get a reward for ourselves. If possible, take some time to meet up with friends, visit local landscapes, shopping in supermarket, even enjoy silence in cafe around a street corner. We need to keep up with the fast- paced world, but don’t forget to slow down sometimes to appreciate beauty in our life.