TickTick, a Modern Workspace for You

We’re living in a fast-paced world and there are so many stuff, personal and work, need us to remember and deal with every day. Just as David Allen said, “Your mind is for having ideas, not holding them.” Don’t try to remember everything in your mind to make you more stressful.

TickTick is not only a handy app for your personal schedules, but also an efficient work assistant to help you plan, note and collaborate during work.


Making work plan

The main elements for a work plan include: what you plan to do, how you will do, and when is the deadline.

What’s the benefits of putting your plans to TickTick?

  • Concentrate on what you’re doing and get instant reminders for time related tasks.
  • Break a task down to smaller, doable subtasks and focus on important tasks.
  • Easy to track it from any device, anytime.

How to make a work plan?

  • Clarify your goals for next month.
  • Make an outline about strategies which will contribute to fulfill your goals.
  • Figure out the time and resources needed for each strategy.
  • Choose feasible strategies based on current situation and list corresponding actions as your tasks.
  • Break tasks down to smaller, doable subtasks; List specific action steps.
  • Set priority, due date and reminders for tasks. If necessary, set repeat for regular tasks.

Doing work summary 

To do a work summary, you need to recall projects, list main events and corresponding time. This will be a long and laborious task if you didn’t note them down regularly. 

With TickTick at hand, you’ll save a lot of time  Just open calendar in TickTick, view tasks in each day and get a clear overview for tasks in the whole month.


Need to get details for an important task? Just click the task and then the details will come into your view.


Real-time collaboration

There are plenty of information and details to share and track in team work. Maybe you’ll get lots of Emails about asking the status of a project or additional information that needs other collaborators know. Check, read then receive another Email, really time-consuming.

A distraction- free workspace will help you to fully focus on what you need to do without worrying about miss something.  Share a project list with all collaborators, assign specific tasks to corresponding person, track task progress at any time.


Add necessary attachments or materials that will be used in the project and take a note. If you need to know other relevant information, just comment on the task. “Task activities” allows you to check the task editing and revision history.

Besides features mentioned above, you’ll find there are more amazing elements and design in TickTick to help you boost productivity:

  • Custom Smart List: Filter in ists, Tags, Date, Priority, Assignee to create your own Smart List.
  • Calendar subscription: Third party calendar can be subscribed by account or url.
  • Send Email to todo@mail.ticktick.com from the Email you used to sign up TickTick. The contents will be converted to tasks, the date and time information in Email subject will be automatically recognized as due date and reminder in TickTick.

Join us to enjoy a more efficient work space and well-organized life with TickTick.