Say Hi to TickTick 4.0

TickTick 4.0 for both iOS & Android has arrived with the all-new Pomo timer, improved Achievement system, powerful Statistic function, etc. You’ll never know how much you need TickTick until now!



Pomo Timer

We implement a Pomo timer to help you log your distractions and stay even more focused at work. You can also custom your own Pomodoro settings such as break duration. 


Improved Achievement System

We simplify the TickTick levels down to 10 levels and your achievement scores are now directly related to completed tasks and overdue tasks only. Additionally, you will be awarded with a new theme when reaching certain levels.


Powerful Statistic Function

You can now use the “Completion Rate”, “Best working Days”, “Most Focused Hours” and a lot of new functions within the new Statistic section to track your productivity.


TAB View (iOS only)

We’ve redesigned the app to fully adapt to iOS 11 and a new TAB bar view. 


Task Activities

Task activities is a useful function that’s been available on the web only. This time we decided to implement it for mobile users too. Simply scroll up in a task detail view and check the task activities on your phone.


Download now and let us know how you feel about the update.

TickTick Team with love 🙂