Tick Tick 4.1.0 iOS & Android

TickTick 4.1.0 is available in store for iOS & Android now. This time we bring a series of white noises into the “pomo function” in order to help you gain a better experience during a pomo.


Meanwhile, both platforms all have some exciting improvements:

Support to tap on the task name to view details during a pomo.

Brand new design for 10-level badges, be ready to share them to your social media.

Support to display mix order for tasks, subtasks and calendar events based on date filter.



Support to postpone all kinds of tasks from the Quick Date bar.


Support to minimize pomo timer to the sidebar during a pomo. (This function for iOS is under development and will be brought out soon.)

Support to display two rows of title and one row of content if enabled “Show Details” at the task view.

Support to undo a deleted subtask.

TickTick Team 🙂