TickTick Christmas Promo!!

🎅 🎄

Between 12.25th - 12.27th, retweet @TickTickTeam’s promo tweet and recommend the app to 3 friends by @ them on Twitter. On 28th, we will randomly draw 8 users with 24 friends of them and give away free premium codes.

🎁 Prize:

8 users: 6-month TickTick premium code

24 friends of you: 1-month TickTick premium code


- We will be using twren.ch to do tweet draw on the night of 27th. It will find the eight users first, then TickTick Team will confirm on each account and the 24 related friends’ accounts.

- You can tweet multiple times to increase the chance of getting drawn. However, you cannot @ the same friends repeatedly. For example, you may tweet twice and @ 6 different friends.

- The result will be announced on 28th on Twitter. Each winner must DM @TickTickTeam to collect a code for himself/herself. One user who has @ three friends and eventually won CANNOT collect 4 codes for 4 people.


Merry Xmas,

TickTick Team 🙂