TickTick iOS 4.2.0 is Available Now.

In the last update of TickTick Android, we brought a new premium feature “Estimated Pomo” to Android users. This time, we are glad to announced that it’s available in the TickTick 4.2.0 iOS app too. Premium users can now set up estimated pomo for tasks and thus to better organize your schedules.

How to set estimated pomo for a task:

Tap into a task detail view -> Tap the “…” icon at the top right for more options -> Select “Estimated Pomo”.

Once it’s been set to a task, you can check it from either in the list view with “Show Details” enabled or in the task’s detail view. 


Other major improvements:

- Full premium themes are available on the iPad app.

- Support dynamic font in the app


Main list/task view in the Shanghai theme


Calendar view in the Seoul theme


Statistics view in the Ocean theme

P.S. Android 4.2.0 is under test now. Will be out soon. 🙂