The Official TickTick Windows app is here!

We are thrilled to announced that the official TickTick for Windows is available now. 

It’s been a while since we made the Windows Beta public and we had received thousands of the feedbacks from our kind Windows users during the Beta. The team went through almost every one of them together and carefully evaluated, then improved.

Today, an official Windows app with much better functionality and stability is finally on the market. Although, it might still lack some of the fancy functions comparing to other platforms. We believe it’s a good start and we’d like to invite you to download and try it out. And most importantly, providing as many feedbacks as you could. Every feedback you give will help make TickTick better, and will be appreciated!

Note that the official win app is a paid app with 15-day free trial. If you like to work on your Windows devices, yet not sure about upgrading a TickTick premium user. Please take the trial and give the official win app a try! 

If you are already a premium user with TickTick. Our premium service is across all platforms, which means you can download and use the Windows app right away without taking any trials or extra subscription fees.

More info on the official Windows app:

TickTick Team.