Coronavirus and the Efficiency of Working From Home

Right now, one of the most discussed topics catching worldwide attention is Coronavirus. The fast spread of the virus in China, and its rapid emergence in countries like the US and Italy have all raised the necessity of working or studying at home. Remote work/ study decreases the risk of being exposed to cross-infection, and saves the limited public resources to people who really need them. Giant tech firms in Seattle and financial firms in New York have started to practice company-wise remote work.

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High efficiency of remote work calls for self-discipline, concentration ability and a well-organized plan. This is where TickTick can help. TickTick has a  variety of built-in functionalities. Saving the efforts from switching among different apps, and the possibility of being distracted halfway, TickTick offers an all-in-one solution:


Manage all tasks and events in a clear calendar view with the integration of Google Calendar, local and other third-party calendars. Never miss an important online meeting when working at home.

Pomo Timer

Concentration might be the biggest challenge for remote work. With the 25-min pomo + 5-min interval + white noise, the little timer makes a big difference. Time settings are also customizable.


In the office, we’re so used to grabbing colorful post-its to write down ideas or take quick notes. You might miss it at your home desk, while Markdown at TickTick can be a relief. Plus, there’re various text formats to make your notes look even prettier.


Working from home doesn’t mean it’s only about working. We’re actually spending almost all of our time at home. A healthier lifestyle guarantees high spirits for high work efficiency in return. 60 different habits cover almost every aspect in life, from drinking 8 cups of water to meditation - no single day will be wasted at home.

TickTick wishes every one of you stay healthy from Coronavirus, stay energetic in life, and stay productive when work from home.