Stay Organized Hands-Free With the Alexa Integration

As a popular voice assistant loved by many, Alexa has been offering us a revolutionary hands-free experience in life. Now, you can do more with TickTick + Alexa integration! The TickTick Skill makes it fast and easy to manage your tasks by voice. At Alexa, please call TickTick by the name of “Tick Tick” as the invocation name. Let’s explore what you can do with TickTick and Alexa together:

alexa ticktick

⏰ Add Task With Reminder

When anything pops up in mind, or any tasks you want to get reminded for, just ask Alexa to take it down and TickTick will remember it for you.

- Alexa, ask “Tick Tick” to add a task to finish homework on Dec. 10th by noon.

- Alexa, ask “Tick Tick” to add grocery shopping.

- Alexa, ask “Tick Tick” to remind me to buy Tom a birthday gift.

🌞 Read Your Today’s To-Dos

Get a clear overview of your to-dos to have more control of your day. Even without reaching your phone, Alexa can read off your TickTick’s Today list while you’re busy with making up, getting dressed or eating breakfast.

- Alexa, ask “Tick Tick” what should I do today?

- Alexa, ask “Tick Tick” what are my tasks today?

- Alexa, ask “Tick Tick” what tasks do I have for today?

🗒️ Read Your Tasks From Any Lists

Not only Today’s tasks, Alexa can also tell you what do you have in a specific list.

- Alexa, ask “Tick Tick” what are my tasks in Work List?

- Alexa, ask “Tick Tick” what tasks do I have in Project Management List?

- Alexa, ask “Tick Tick” to tell me the tasks in Fitness List.

📝 Add Task to a Specific List

It’s a good habit to put things in order. Even without opening TickTick, you can add tasks into the list they belong to.

- Alexa, ask “Tick Tick” to add sleeping bag to Vacation list.

- Alexa, ask “Tick Tick” to add science project on Monday to Work list.

- Alexa, ask “Tick Tick” to water the plants at 7 pm to Personal list.

⏭️ Read Your Next Task

Keep track of your next tasks hands-free by asking Alexa what’s coming next in your to-do list. Never feel lost in your busy schedules.

- Alexa, ask “Tick Tick” to read my next task.

- Alexa, ask “Tick Tick” what’s my next task?

- Alexa, ask “Tick Tick” what’s next?


Can’t wait to give it a try? Here are the steps to quickly set up TickTick + Alexa integration:

📱 To enable Alexa from the Alexa app:

1. Log in to your Alexa account
2. Search “TickTick” in Skills & Games
3. Tap “ENABLE TO USE” and sign in to your TickTick account (sign up if you don’t have one at
4. Grant Alexa’s access - done!
5. Call TickTick by the name of “Tick Tick” to add voice command, such as “Alexa, ask Tick Tick what is in my Inbox?”



🛒 To enable Alexa via the Amazon Store:

TickTick Skill can also be activated directly from the Amazon Store by clicking this link.



Free Premium Giveaway

To celebrate the integration with Alexa, we’re going to give away two free TickTick yearly Premiums to two lucky participants.

To participate, all you need to do is:

1. Make sure you’re a TickTick user

2. Share this blog on Twitter or Facebook with the #️⃣hashtag #TickTickAlexa


All participants have an equal chance to win! We’ll randomly draw from the full list by the end of this month: Tuesday, March 31st at 11:59PM PDT. The two lucky winners will be announced in this blog. We hope you enjoy TickTick’s integration with Alexa and the best of luck to win free Premium!

As always, TickTick aims to help you stay organized effortlessly and focus on things that really matter in life. Try the integration with Alexa today to enjoy a hands-free experience in keeping track of your to-dos!


[📣 Updates: Thursday, April 1st, 2020] The two winners of the #TickTickAlexa Giveaway are @iam_M_ and @gvaterlaus. Congrats! Premium will be arriving soon. Winners please keep an eye on your Twitter/Facebook messages.

Thank you to everyone for participating! Wish you’re enjoying TickTick + Alexa integration.

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