Monthly Report: TickTick’s Updates in June

ticktick monthly report
Tick Tick Tick Tick… we’ve officially walked into the second half of the year 2020! Daytime becomes longer and TickTick has also speeded its way to progress. See what has recently been added and find what surprises you most. Spoiler alert in the end!


Track Every Step of Your Progress with My Badge 

What is Badge?

The Badge is kinda like an approval and a reward to your achievements at TickTick. It makes every step of your accomplishments visible and trackable. For example, the days you’ve been using TickTick, the months you’ve joined Premium, the number of tasks you’ve accomplished, the total amount of time you’ve been focused on tasks, the number of friends you’ve invited, and the times you’ve checked in your habits.

Every tiny progress you’ve made deserves a place in your overall achievement. They will automatically be counted and converted into badges.


6 different types of Badges


* Learn more about the details and algorithm of Badge.

The reason why we included Badge here at TickTick is we wish it could function as a gentle reminder not a stress trigger. It can tell you sometimes, “Hey, I know life is full of tasks and challenges, but see what you’ve done, you’re already brilliant!”. Sometimes it’s easy for us to forget giving ourselves credits when we’re too busy pursuing greater successes. But remember, staying productive is important, so is staying happy.


Manage Your Workflow from Emails to Tasks

TickTick has recently been integrated with a wonderful email app - Spark. With Spark, you can stay on top of your inbox by intelligently prioritizing your emails, and keep your inbox distraction-free. From there, you can also streamline your workflow from email inbox to task management tools by connecting your it with TickTick! 


Imagine it was a busy Monday morning, and you’ve received tons of emails. Some of them may be related to on-going collaborations, some are enquiries, some are work reports from your team, and some might be your newsletter subscriptions. You might easily forget what you’ve just left on, or things with low priority cost you too much time than what you expected. TickTick and Spark integration offers an ideal solution, because you can save any emails one click away and organize them in TickTick!

Not only can you save the email text, you can also save a unique link of the email. Option 1 helps you quickly save and schedule the content, while option 2 allows you to trace back freely.


Improve Your Workflow with Kanban on Mobile

Originally from the concept of Kanban board, TickTick embraced this idea and extended it to desktop, and now to mobile versions as well. All we did is to make your experience of managing your projects at TickTick more flexible and controllable!


What is Kanban?

Some of you may never heard of Kanban or not be very familiar with what it is, but I suppose you’ve all ever seen a whiteboard with many sticky notes placed under different sections. That is exactly what Kanban is!

In a simple term, Kanban is a project management method to help you visualize and streamline your workflow. It was first used by line-workers in Toyota’s factory. They’ve found a visual card showing what needs to be done and when, has helped a lot with the process of production. It has then been widely used in other industries as well.

What roles can Kanban play?

Kanban visualizes your workflow, by allowing you to create and manage different columns. These columns can be regarded to different stages of a project in chronological order, or divided by tasks from different groups involved in a project, or any other ways that make sense to yourself. Whatever logic is embedded under your Kanban columns, it helps track the project’s status, and always presents you a clear picture of what is the next step.

Kanban also allows you to sub-categorize and sub-organize your tasks within a list. For one thing, it saves you from the trouble creating multiple lists for one same project; for another, tasks can be distributed into different columns in Kanban View. It’s also flexible to move and edit.

Plus, Kanban is helpful when it comes to the team collaboration, because the workflow of the whole team can be visualized and managed. By inviting team members to your list and assign tasks accordingly. Each task has its “owner”, with users’ avatars showing behind. Thus, the responsibility and progress of each task can be clearly demonstrated. Edits and comments on the tasks are also supported, so that communication between teams can come in time.


Spoiler Alert!

As we keep moving forward to make TickTick a better tool for you guys, what will come right next is… 🥁🥁🥁



Task Nesting: Break down a complex task with subtasks.

Allowlist for Pomo Timer (Android only): Add an app to Allowlist and use it without interrupting your Pomo Timer in Focus.