TickTick Feature Review 2020

Approaching the end of 2020, we can’t wait to walk you through a complete TickTick feature review: what features have been newly added, what major improvements have been made, as well as what integrations and projects were introduced. Read through the full review of features coming to TickTick this year, and pick up things you’ve missed along the way! 

Section 1: New features

Break down a complex task with Task Nesting

One of the biggest new features introduced in TickTick this year is Task Nesting (Subtask). Beforehand, there were only Check Items within the task, which could be checked off and set reminders to. Yet, it couldn't perform other functions like a complete task. We brought the whole Task Nesting into your to-do lists! (Please note Check Items are still available in the task description for basic listing).

Task Nesting (Subtask) allows you to cut a huge task into smaller chunk and chucks into slices if you’d like (5 levels supported for subtasks). Each subtask is empowered with the functionality that a task has: setting due dates, priority or tags, or assigning to others.

Breaking down a task into more manageable and actionable ones is a great way to help beat procrastination, because the easier the task is, the less fear of difficulty one would feel. Subtasks also make managing a complex project easier, because it usually takes steps over steps to reach a big goal. Learn more about Task Nesting here.

Sort out your lists with Sections 

With Task Nesting, you’re maybe familiar with the task “breaking” process, but what’s also important is the “grouping” process. Here comes the “Section”, which can be added to your lists to help you sort out and group tasks, instead of letting them sparsely scattered. 

Sections are like subtitles in the list, which give you a clear clue of what underneath tasks are about. They function as a subelement in the list, to help reduce visual clutter and keep tasks in order. Select “...” in the list > “Add/Manage Sections” and you’ll be able to create Sections. You can also choose to fold any Sections to save more space in the list. It’s also handy if you switch your list to Kanban View because Sections will automatically become Columns under Kanban!

Simplify note-taking with Note

A brand-new Note feature has been introduced in TickTick for mainly two purposes: 

To provide a separate room for simple note-keeping at TickTick, where you can record any random thoughts and ideas, without the need of switching to other apps. 

To function additionally for the task management. For example, if you’d like to include some context information (background info, learning resources, references) regarding a task in your lists, Note can serve this purpose well. 

To enable the Note feature, please first create a Note List (select the type when adding a new list). You can then either take notes in the Note List you just created, or go back to any of your task lists, and convert any tasks to notes! Learn more about how to use Note.

Widgets for iOS14 & macOS Big Sur 

Since Apple introduced iOS14 and macOS Big Sur this year, we also brought you all-new TickTick widgets that work perfectly on the new systems. Three types of widgets were redesigned respectively for Tasks, Calendar, and Habits. Check everything from your Home Screen and never miss an important thing! Varying from different sizes and themes, you’re free to customize TickTick widgets to go with your devices however you like!

Check out widgets for iOS14 and widgets for macOS Big Sur.

Section 2: Major improvements

Pomo evolved to Focus

Pomo was renamed as “Focus”, to include another new timer -- “Stopwatch”, which could count up your focused hours, in contrast to Pomo Timer. 

White Noises within Focus were also enriched and replaced by better-quality ones, to be more ear-pleasant and helpful for focus experience. 

What has also been improved was Focus Statistics. From different perspectives, those stats include how much time you’ve spent on which task, and a timeline chronologically demonstrating your time-spending. 

With such updates, you will have more additional resources to track your focused time, and also enjoy a smoother Focus experience. Learn more about Focus.

A more customizable Habit

We also made the Habit feature in TickTick  more flexible and personalized, with a lot more customizable choices, such as Habit Icon DIY, individual switches for Habit Log, emoticons within habit logs, and customizable habit frequencies. All these made building and tracking habits a more fun and enjoyable thing to do in TickTick! Learn more about Habit.

Kanban went on mobile

Kanban is not an unfamiliar feature in TickTick already because it’s within the top 3 features picked by our users. But a very important update on Kanban is it can now be accessed and managed on mobile devices too! This means you could simply track the progress of your project, collaborate with team members, and manage your workflow anytime on the go! Learn more about Kanban.

Section 3: New integrations

Stay connected with TickTick + IFTTT

IFTTT (If This Then That) empowers your apps and devices to work together in a new way by establishing connections (“applets”). The integration with IFTTT brings a more automated task management experience in TickTick because, through IFTTT, you can either make TickTick a “Trigger” or “Action” to other of your daily tools. For example, if you’d like to write in a designated note in Evernote every time you complete a task, you can make “Completing a task” as a Trigger, and it will be automatically fired to Evernote. Just like that, everything could simply be connected. Learn how to set it up.

Streamline workflow with TickTick + Zapier

Similar to what you can do with TickTick + IFTTT, Zaiper is also a wonderful tool to help you connect everything and automate your workflow. It moves info between your web apps automatically, so you can focus on your most important work. Via creating “Zaps” in Zapier, you can link your TickTick with other apps you use daily. Learn how to set it up.

Stay hands-free with TickTick + Alexa 

As a popular voice assistant loved by many, Alexa has been offering us a revolutionary hands-free experience in life. Now, you can do more with TickTick + Alexa integration! Call TickTick by the name of “Tick Tick” as the invocation name at Alexa, and it will further be able to “Add Task With Reminder”, “Read Your Today’s To-Dos”, “Read Your Tasks From Any Lists”, “Add Task to a Specific List” and “Read Your Next Task”. Find out more!

Stay on top of your Inbox with TickTick + Gmail

Checking emails might be a daily task for most of us. Now, with the powerful TickTick + Gmail integration, you can easily stay Inbox zero and streamline your workflow, because turning emails into tasks in TickTick is one-click away. Simply follow the path: Add TickTick for Gmail from your G Suite Marketplace > Open the desired email in Gmail > Click TickTick on the panel to the right > Edit some details and set due dates and priorities if needed > Click “Add Task”.

Stay control of your emails with TickTick + Spark

TickTick has also been integrated with another widely-used email app – Spark. With Spark, you can stay on top of your inbox by intelligently prioritizing your emails, and keep your inbox distraction-free. And from Spark to TickTick, you can simply streamline your workflow from email inbox to task management tools! Please note this feature is currently iOS-only. Help me get connected!

Section 4: New Projects

TickTick Blog has a new home

Long been on other blog platforms, TickTick Blog finally has its official site on our website! In TickTick Blog, you can find articles about features and updates in TickTick, contents regarding productivity, time management methods, self-growth, and positive lifestyle, as well as stories shared by our users! Click here to have a small cruise, or simply find “Blog” via the bottom menu on our website, or through the About page in the App!

TickTick Educational Offer 

To help people most in need to get through a tough time during Covid-19, TickTick developed the educational plan, offering discounts (25% off) for all students and educators! That special offer would be a long-standing policy, to help more people manage their time well and be more productive while studying from home. Click here to apply!

TickTick Ambassador Program

As an all-in-one productivity app loved by tens of millions, we sincerely would like to invite those who are also passionate about spreading the power of productivity around to be part of TickTick! That’s why we brought up the Ambassador Program and are calling for people worldwide to join the TickTick family and contribute to the larger community! Check out there.

TickTick Gift Card is available 

As Christmas and new year are approaching, we introduced TickTick digital gift cards officially! Either to have one for yourself/your team, or send one to friends or family, it would be your best choice when selecting a practical and worthwhile gift! Time is the most precious gift. TickTick Gift cards help people save time and get things done. Can’t wait to Send Love!

Final Words

Reading TickTick feature review in 2020, I believe you have got a general idea of what's new and picked up things missed. We can’t wait to bring you an even better TickTick in the year of 2021!

We wish you all a wonderful new year ahead! Don't forget to check out the video of 2020 Top 5 features in TickTick!