To be more productive in 2014 with TickTick

The birth of royal baby, the death of Nelson Mandela, Microsoft buys Nokia mobile phone, Boston marathon blasts….. when browsing through the internet, these big events of 2013 are everywhere. How is your 2013?

Have you achieved the goal at work? Does your Wish List being fulfilled?How much quality time did you spent with your family and friends? No matter how it is, don’t forget to give yourself a warm applause for surviving a tough year and get ready for a more productive 2014 now. 

1.Start your coming new year with an attainable goal:

Many of us like to set unrealistic New Year resolutions but chances are that most resolutions are forgotten

by February. So, first, define in which category (professional, emotional, relationships, financial, spiritual or health) you want to have breakthrough at most. For example, a health goal could be lost 10 pounds.First, find a motivation, which would be critical to success. Then, break it up into some periodically goals, say 4 pounds from June to August. Next, set up feasible action plans: go to gym twice a week on Wed & Sat. Finally, it would be even better to find out who you might need to help you achieve the goal. 

2. Get things done 

The biggest obstacle to achieving goal is ‘procrastination’. To overcome it, making a to-do list is always considered as effective. Either a piece of paper or a professional to-do list app, the key is that you should get those things on list done. Inspired by the famous GTD model of David Allens, TickTick suggests you: 

Note down every item in Inbox when it jumps into your mind 

Go through all items in Inbox one by one to decide the next step:

  • complete the task which costs you less than 2 minutes
  • delegate tasks to those who could do it better
  • categorize tasks which need further actions into different lists 
  • assign specific due date or reminder to tasks which must be done in a specific time
  • Complete tasks according to time, location and priority 
  • Always review your Inbox to keep it updated 

Make good use of Social Media 

Social media is always considered as a trap because it wasts you lots of time unconsciously. But this doesn’t mean that you have to get rid of social media totally. You can open live chat during your lunch break only so as to avoid being distracted while at the same time you can maintain and broaden your social circle. And never never forget to spare time for face-to-face communication with your family or friends. Besides, there are many virtual study groups or organization on social media where you can join in without any charge.