Add location reminder to your tasks on iPhone

TickTick iPhone users, we feel sorry that we’ve kept you waiting so long for this useful reminder feature. 

Location reminder is extremely helpful for to-do’s like shopping at a specific mall or market or keeping an appointment at a restaurant. As TickTick always insists, this feature is not difficult to use. 

1. Select a task and click the ‘location’ icon 

2. A map will be automatically loaded where you can choose the location to be reminded either upon leaving or arrival. And dragging the arrow can change the radius 

3. Or, you can enter or search the address by yourself 

4. Once the location reminder is successfully set, it will be displayed in task detail page like:

5. If you want to remove the location reminder, fine, just click on the 'trash' 

Wow. Got it? it’s time for you to try it out.