A Big Dream? Start from Three Steps!


•Do you have a dream?

One of my best college roommates once told me that her dream is writing a best-selling book like Harry Potter, then she started to type words on the laptop and tried to convince me of her dream: “You know what, any famous writer like J.K. Rowling started their work with a single word…” At that time I firmly believed that shewas joking, but a year later

she published her first novel online and believe
it or not it has gained hundreds and thousands of views.

you have a dream that seems overwhelming? Have you ever seriously asked yourself
about it? For some people, I understand that sometimes just the idea of it may
drain you, and hold you back in life. As for others, they might have dreams and
be determined to achieve them immediately, but as a result, they often feel frazzled
and then choose to get back to the original life again.

It is said that
only 5 percent of the people in the world achieve their true potential, and I
believe that as for the rest of 95 percent, most of them just do not allow
themselves to even think about for a while what could be possible in their

•Three Steps to achieve a dream!

1. Set
a big dream after further consideration.

thing you should bear in mind is that a big dream is a long-term goal which may
take years to achieve. This is why you should ponder it first: who you want to
be, or what you want to achieve? As for my roommate, her dream is writing a
best-selling book. Yours may be doubling your
income in the coming year? Whatever your dream is, be sure that it is worth
fighting for, because time is always one of the most precious things in your


2. Concentrate
on the things that can make a difference to your dream.

story to share with you here: Frank
(not his true name) was a manager in a company. His dream was to double the
sales last year. However, he found that the productivity of his company becomes
lower and lower with the increasing number of the employees. Frank’s
further analysis revealed that effective conversation and
teamwork was badly needed between the employees from different departments. He
then passionately threw himself into analyzing how to create more chances to
let employees from different departments build relationships and how they can
efficiently get things done. During the following months, he held meetings
regularly to discuss about the issue, making plans and putting them into
practice immediately including setting coffee machines among different
departments to create better conversation environment. The result is that he
tripled the sales and the number of employees in his company kept increasing.

you set a dream, you should focus on the things that can make a difference,
which means sometimes you have to disrupt the status quo and find a new access.


3. Set
immediate goals.

with a big dream, an immediate goal is small and it can be completed soon. Ask
yourself what I need to complete in this week that can help to move an inch
closer to my goal? For my roommate, an immediate goal might to write pages of a
script in a week, and for Frank, an immediate goal might to hold several
meetings to find out how to effectively improve productivity. Starting
is half the battle, but don’t just start—start from an immediate goal! Once you
complete one, it can propel you forward because you are already on your way.


Get start with the three steps, and then a big
dream is not far away from you. From now on, ask yourself what is your dream,
what things can make a difference to your dream, and what you gonna do today
and every day that follows?