Smarter Sorting, Easier Sharing

We are pleased to announce that TickTick Android 1.9.31  has just been rolled out with two major updates, which, we believe, would make you a better owner of your to-do list app.

Sort by dragging (In “Today” and all other lists)

As you may know, currently, you can sort tasks by due date, by priority, by name and by order.  And we are told that sorting by due date is what most frequently used by you. Then, here comes the question: how should I do if I want to change the order of tasks within Today? Before, the answers was “sorry”.  From now on, dragging is the way out. Let’s check out this video to see how “sort by dragging” works. 

Very easy, right? In addition to the “Today” list, this usage scenario could be applied to all other lists as long as you choose “sort by due dates”. 

List sharing via non-email account

Sharing task list with families, friends or coworkers has been proved to be an effective way to get more things done. However, the mandatory requirement of registering with TickTick with an email account has hindered you more or less. Thus, to smooth the task collaboration process, TickTick has now allowed list sharing via non-email account. When trying to share a list,  you will see the new option of “share by link”. Clicking on it will generate a sharing invitation, which can be sent to others via all kinds of channels. The one who receives the invitation can simply click the link to join in. Considering security, you will be asked to approve his or her join-in application.


Download latest TickTick android app here

Well, that’s it. How do you feel right now? Are you happy with the new updates? We can’t wait to hear more from you.

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