Faster, Easier, Stronger: TickTick Mac app gets its debut for OS X Yosemite

As one of the most popular to-do listapps, TickTick finally revealed the veil of its Mac app. With the arrival ofMac app, TickTick moves another step closer to real cross-platform. It is now
available for Android, Android Wear, iPhone, iPad, Mac, Chrome Extension ,
Firefox Extension,
Chrome App and desktop

TickTick has been cutting through the noise with its
absolute simplicity and considerate features. The Mac app, not surprisingly,
sticks to its consistent style, offers Mac fans a faster and easier way to
access and manage to-dos to become a stronger life master.  


Add Tasks

The ability to quickly add tasks is always important
because it allows you to capture your idea in a more original way. With a
customized shortcut, you can call out this little dragging pop-ups within one
second to note down your to-do from anywhere on your computer.  With another customized shortcut, the
application can be right away at your fingertip no matter what were you doing


Today Widget

You may always have a long list of to-do items. Don’t
worry, the ‘Today Widget’ is born to help you focus on the most pressing ones
first. It displays overdue tasks as well as tasks due today so that you can
rationally arrange your schedule. In addition, you can check off completed ones
and quickly add new ones all via one simple click.


Smart Handover Experience

It would be ideal if you can complete a
task without interruption. But chances are that you have to stop the task you
are dealing with and head to another appointment or meeting. Guess what would
happen when you restarting the application? It remembers. It stays exactly at
the same window and place where you left off for the last time. All you have to
do is keep working on it with 100% whole-hearted concentration to boost

Last but not least, the dock icon has not been
forgotten. The badge updates instantly to let you know the number of your tasks
in real-time and the dock icon even can be hidden. All up to you!

Download TickTick Mac now at:


Mac app will be officially released in Mac app store soon. Want to be an early bird? Check
it out here!

We hope you enjoy TickTick in this first version and more
powerful functionality and flexible experience will be introduce in upcoming