Unlock a Brand-New Focus Experience in TickTick

TickTick has recently made a major improvement of the previous Pomo (renamed as “Focus”) feature. New features make our “Focus” function more accessible and customizable for you. Upgrade now to unlock your brand-new “Focus” experience! Let’s explore together what’s new about “Focus”.

Two timers to help you focus: Pomo & Stopwatch

🍅 What is Pomo?

The Pomodoro technique is a commonly used time management method. By using a timer to break down work into intervals (normally 25 minutes for each work period), with short breaks (normally 5 minutes each) in between, it helps people use their time wisely and concentrate better on tasks. Here, the 25-minute period is called a “Pomodoro”. 

Many people have benefited from using this method, especially to improve their work efficiency and time management. Some also believe a better work-life balance and even a more productive lifestyle starts with Pomo. Now, easily make it all happen at TickTick!

⏸️ What have we improved on our previous Pomo feature?

Previously, in order to help you focus on tasks, the Pomo feature did not support a Pause action in a Pomo session. However, we understand sometimes something unexpected may pop up when you are trying to focus on your work with the Pomo timer on. Don’t worry! That will not be a problem anymore, because the newest Pomo can be paused anytime. BUT only three times at most to pause your Pomo timer, since we still wish you to stay in the Pomo mood! 

⏱️ A brand-new Stopwatch mode to count up your Focus time

Stopwatch is a whole new feature we’ve developed this time. If the former Pomo offers an ideal solution to count down your focus intervals, then what Stopwatch does is to give you another option to ensure the continuity of your work time by counting the time up. It serves the best for some of you who do not wish to be interrupted while conducting work. With an easy tap at starting Stopwatch, you are switched to a simple recording mode of your focused hours. It can also be paused and resumed anytime at your own work pace. Also, like Pomo, it is easy to get into a full-screen mode if you just tap the blank space when the Stopwatch is on.


🔛 Switch between Pomo & Stopwatch 

Both Pomo and Stopwatch are designed to assist you with better concentration. After understanding the distinctions between these two features, some of you may start wondering, “Can I freely switch between Pomo and Stopwatch at any point? Is it easy to do so?” The answer is absolutely YES. Mode-switching can happen immediately because the two icons are right next to each other within the page of Focus. “Then will it change my choice of ongoing task or affect the counting of my total focused hours?” NO, your task remains no change even if mode is shifted, and your overall focused time will not be influenced by this.

Wider choices of White Noises are at Focus

White Noises normally mean those authentic sounds from nature or our daily life, like the sound of rain, wind, people talking at cafes, and etc. Scientific studies have shown that listening to these sounds can help clear our minds and thus enhance our concentration on tasks. To use it as a litter helper, we’ve updated this feature to provide you with more options of White Noises at “Focus”! Sounds, such as Storm and Lava, are new on the list. Try the Biscuit sound and you are gonna love the kink 🍪



Track your Focus trends with more informed stats

Besides enabling you to focus better with two different modes and more background sounds, what is also improved is our in-app support for your personal time-spending data analysis. In earlier versions, you may only be able to see your stats like Numbers of Daily/Weekly/Total Pomo Earned and Focused Hours, Most Focused Moments, and Completion Rate of Pomo Goals. But now, apart from these, we’ve made it a more comprehensive analysis to help you understand your personal stats better!

📊 What’s the new powerful Statistics like?

  • Separated slides instead of one page to show your time-spending stats (overview/daily/weekly)
  • Day-on-day and week-on-week comparisons between Numbers of Pomo Earned and Focused Hours are available.
  • Graphs to show percentages of your time spent on tasks sorted by Lists and Tags
  • Pie charts that clearly reveal your Focus Goal Completion Rates
  • A surprising integration with Apple Health! Data of your Focused Durations at TickTick now can be synced to Apple Health Mindfulness.

Now, with more flexible mode choices to help you stay focused, wider options of White Noises, and greater data support allowing you to look deeper into the stats of your time allocation, TickTick can’t wait to get on there right now to provide you a better “Focus” experience! 

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