Build a Healthier Life With Evolved TickTick Habit

An improved “Habit” feature is rolling out now and ready for use at TickTick. Read to explore what’s new!

A customizable experience to create, check and review your Habit


To create

  • Say Hi to the enriched and categorized Habit Gallery

There are not only some common habits being added in the Gallery, like Track expenses, Do skincare, and Do push-ups, but also some interesting ones, like Be a good cat keeper, and Roll eyeballs (in a way for your eyecare of course 😂). With a wider range of habits covering four major scenarios: Life, Health, Sports, and Mindset, I’m sure it’s much easier to find yours. If no one rings in your mind, see what habits we suggest in the Gallery. If there still isn’t a fit, you know you can always create your own ones.

  • Customize your Habit Icon to make it unique

Not only to customize your habits, but also to make your own habit icons! In addition to the previous way of choosing an existing icon from our list when crating a new habit, there is new way – DIY! Name a new habit ➡️ Pick a background color ➡️ Type a letter or emoji in. Ta-da! Here comes your very own unique icon. For example,  “Go for a Stroll = 🚶‍♀️+  🟡”.

  • Create and Edit Habit on the desktop versions

Access to Habit is added on desktop to allow you to create, edit, check and manage your habits anywhere and anytime!


To check

  • Set up your own Habit-checking Frequency

Previously, when it comes to the frequency for Habit checking, only Daily and Weekly can be picked. However, we understand your needs for more flexibility. Therefore, “Interval” is introduced here for you to freely decide at what intervals you wish your Habit to be checked.

  • Check your Habits as “Unachieved” if necessary

Say NO to the situation that your habits can only be checked as achieved. Now, it becomes possible to see what you’ve missed at what time and for what reason, by checking your habits as “Unachieved”. This helps reflect on your habit-building process at a later point. I know some of you may only wish to see what you’ve achieved and may also be a little afraid of seeing the failures. However, what TickTick Habit promotes is always a healthy lifestyle, never a burned-out one. We wish you to know that it’s totally OK to fail sometimes, and reflecting on it is what keeps you moving forward.



To review

  • Distinguish what’ve been checked from what haven’t 

When you used to review your daily Habit, there wasn’t a divided space for which one is checked and which is not. Therefore, to help you better distinguish them, we’ve improved the view by separating the already checked ones from what remains. 

  • See both the Current Streak and Total Days of Habit

Another subtle change here is the review of the Current Streak of a Habit and the Total Days you’ve insisted on doing it. To make it easy to access and also to save space, what you need to do is simply tapping the time to switch between each other.



A personalized experience to record, share, and analyze your Habit


To record

  • Freely decide whether to keep a Log for each Habit

Previously, we’ve provided an overall switch of Log in Habit settings. This, however, isn’t the best solution for those who’d only like to keep logs for some instead of for all. To address this, Auto-Display of Habit Log has been made more flexible with individual switches included in the editing page for every habit.

  • Quick add emoticons in the Habit Log

Apart from texts, Habit Log can also support quick adding emoticons now. This feature may function for some of you who not only wish to record your progress of a Habit, but also your feelings in doing it. 😄



To share

  • Share your progress with a more exquisite image

We’ve made the picture of your Habit achievement more shareable! The number of days you’ve persisted in doing something as well as your account avatar, are included in the image ready to share (example below).



To analyze

  • Get to know your stats better with Habit Statistics

For this moment, we’ve included the Weekly Habit Status in the data overview within My Profile (access via settings). On this page, “Task Statistics”, “Focus Statistics” and “Weekly Habit Status” are respectively presented.

For what’s next: Like what we’ve improved on Focus Statistics, we are also going to extend it on Habit! This means a more well-rounded and in-depth data analysis for Habit will be coming on the next stage!



To wrap up, now with enriched and categorized Habit Gallery, customizable icons, separate controls for Habit Log, mood trackers in the Log, newly added “Unachieved” status and a more clear review for Habit-checking, you can build and track your Habits in a much easier, customizable and personalized way.

A healthier and more self-disciplined life starts here at TickTick. Planting a good habit now and reaping it in autumn 🍁 

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